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About Rana Palace

We at Rana palace believe that every celebration is an expression of true love hence, there should not be any limitation. Your guests are our prime priority, Your guests are our prime priority, We aim to establish the best inspirational landmark and offer a grand space with the best services to accommodate 100 to 500 people providing a wide range of 24-hour services. Rana palace banquet hall in Hazaribagh, offers the best elegant interiors and services which are best ideal and relevant for weddings, events, conference halls, birthday celebrations, ring ceremonies, pre plained party functions, grand banquet hall, conference hall, lawn and multi-cuisine restaurant. it is one of the best and most affordable banquet halls in Hazaribagh, especially it was designed to keep in mind the key concentrating dream of a person and moments in time that will be imprinted in the memories of individuals to make it memorable for the rest of your life.

The Proposal

Every celebration narrates an incredible story related to it. A Celebration isn't simply a gathering, it's all about creating and sharing recollection with pure hearts.

come and join us at Rana palace banquet hall to make your memories sensational